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Mumbai Calling! – Press 6 for the News …

Newspaper ClippingWomen’s Pay Gap Article…

A number of years ago, I worked with an absolutely bonkers ex-Israeli security specialist, in between bouts of work, we’d discuss the differences between the modern western world, and the world he lived in.  One recurring theme of discussion was the fact that our (Western World) news reporting is predominantly led by the latest politicians indiscretion, or who Robbie Williams might be sleeping with that week (Yes I know he’s married now, I’m illustrating the contrast of journalism in Europe), but the point here is that our news coverage in his opinion didn’t really cover proper news.

He asserted that European Journalism is more aligned with sensationalism, and we’re desensitised to it!  Yes we cover off major disasters (it gives us a break from dodgy politicians expenses, sex lives, and latest faux pas!) unfortunately to a point I had to agree with him.

What’s this got to do with my jaunt to India? Well…. Six years later after that conversation, the hotel delivered me the India Times daily news paper, and that struck a chord.  What was written was actually news!  What’s happening locally and globally, with real issues that were impacting the citizens of India, whether it was a rise in Dengue Fever, Driving conditions and that certain parts of Mumbai were trialling traffic lights, living conditions, and the average wage disparity of well educated women working in India today.

The main picture above was a front page headline that caught my attention, as it was clear that the thinking, actions and reactions is not dissimilar to the pre-1970’s male dominated thinking about women in the work place.  The movie “Made In Dagenham” sprang to mind when reading this, so I look forward to the revolution catching up in India to level the playing field to salary level both Male and Female employees.

In fact I was surprised at the both the content, and the English used in the papers themselves.  i.e. the news was actually relevant, brought to attention the real issues that are impacting/influencing the population.  The English used was quite quaint, with one of my favourite quotes being the use of the word “Jonesing”.

Finally, given that India was part of the British Empire until around 1947, I really did take exception that American spellings are quite prevalent in literature and press alike, missing ‘U’ and adding in ‘Z’s (Zed’s not Zee’s) was quite disturbing…

Wouldn’t it be great if our future Journalists and media moguls returned to stories that actually mattered, inspired the public and made change for the better?  

Given the extent of consumerism, we’ve progressed too far down the road, and sadly, I for one, do look forward to seeing Miley Cyrus latest indiscretion as headlines in my morning newspaper!

NewpaperClippingDengue Fever On The Rise


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