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On Our Way!

Flying over mainland Europe.

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Amazing what you can do with an iPad these days, the ability to prepare a Blog entry as you fly, ready for uploading the moment you touch down at the airport and enable data again 🙂

The flight was packed solid, and full of screaming children, I didn’t think schools broke up for a while yet!  Thankfully I always carry a set of ear plugs 🙂  But on an unrelated note, maybe airlines should consider child free flights!  … No I don’t mean kids go free 🙂

We finally land, disembark, and with surprising efficiency our bags appeared on the carousel just at the moment we reached it.  You’ve gotta love some airports with the speed and efficiency they move these days.  Ten years ago, you can guarantee an hour wait minimum whilst the airports negotiate with the Baggage Handlers union and beg they don’t strike again!

It took longer to get the hire car collected than it did to disembark (90 minutes and there was only 2 people in front of me in the queue and three people working on the rental desk…

Car collected, It’s time to find our Villa…. Wish me luck 🙂

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