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Toothbrush, Toiletries and Tech Packed, It’s Time To Find Better Weather!

Boarding The Flight

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Last night I sent my final email of the day, logged off my work laptop, its time to drive home and pack, getting up at 4am is not the easiest when you have a flight to catch and you desperately need sleep 🙂

Toiletries, Toothbrush and Tech, my bags are packed!  As an added bonus I’ve even managed two hours sleep before the txt message to say the minibus is on its way.  

When the minibus turns up, it was meant to be sized for 12, (to ensure there’s room for our cases) it’s a taxi for seven!  (There are eight of us on this jolly jaunt…)  It’s going to be an interesting ride…  

We arrive at the airport, with time to spare and are greeted with the familiar long queues at the check-in desk.  Don’t worry, I’ve got this covered, we’ll just check in at the automated check-in machine and go to bag drop I said.

After searching the airport, there’s no check-in machine to be seen… I must be missing something, I ask the surly customer care assistant of the carrier we flying with, and they give me a look to say, “What are you talking’ about?”, the check-in “machine” is that long queue over there, the surly assistant pointed to 400 other passengers trying to drop their luggage off on one of the two desks that are open 😦  

“What kind of back water and beyond airport doesn’t have automated technology these days?”

Two hours later, boarding cards in hand we make our way through security, where inevitably I always guarantee I’ll be searched.

Thankfully they were boarding by the time we reached the gate, so in a few hours time we’ll be at our destination Portugal 🙂


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