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John Luce Lockett – Small Tribute

John Luce Lockett

RIP John Luce Lockett

I met John in the very early 90’s via a mutual friend and love for creating music, we spent many a night in his cellar Bar “Dirty Dicks” jamming away through to the small hours.  John either playing his saxophone or clarinet!

It was in the late 90’s we formed the band “Crowded Cellar”, and it was John’s drive and enthusiasm to be different that brought us all together.  In fact on reflection, John’s unique talent  was a catalyst who brought people together of all talents and skills to be one, make music and most of all have fun…. (then again, his famous home brew may have helped 🙂 )

Like all good bands, we have our ups and downs, and as “The Commitments” the house of cards of egos came a tumbling down…

Whilst there are many stories I could share, and fond memories of Jam Sessions, Curry Nights and Gallery Openings that he held, it was his appearance at our wedding that was particularly memorable, he borrowed a top hat from one of the Ushers and had us all entertained throughout the night.

It is to you, John, that I raise glass in your honour as an Artist, A musician, A Catalyst, an old friend, to someone who knew how to live life to the full and loved a good Jam, you will be missed by the many lives you touched personally.

Requiescat In Pace!

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