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The Morning After…

I See A Full Moon RisingI see a full moon rising…

After a hard days Sun Bathing, and nursing a bit of a hangover, it’s time to eat!   We’re all feeling the effects of the night before, and so decided (for convenience) to hit the same bar as last night, however…

Upon arrival we were told, oh no, they didn’t expect so many people today and there’s no food left… Executive decision… Have a beer first, then look at the map, try and forage for restaurants.  In addition we were advised that they were closed tomorrow (Monday) as most restaurants and bars close on Monday evenings in Portugal…

A short walk later, we found the only restaurant open, and lucky to get seats before they closed.  Not bad for a Sunday night eh!

The food was tasty, and reasonably priced, however, with Steak I was expecting chips/french fries, however they serve what can only be described as home made crisps… So if you are expecting proper chips/french fries, you have to explicitly ask for them.

IMG 3293Alfresco Dining

IMG 3294

IMG 3297

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