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The Novelties Starting To Wear Off….

IMG 3302Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot…

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Today I have a better appreciation of the stress that Big Brother contestants undertake and feel when put together, for the first time, sharing a house with no privacy or escape… 

It seems that Melanie has absolutely no inner monologue, and developed a constant need to talk, not only talk, but give a complete narrative of what she is doing, going to do, thinking about doing, or have some annoying and irrelevant anecdote/trivia about any topic.  

In fact, its becoming an art form to try and not mention, or talk about anything, in front of Melanie in the danger you will be sucked into the utterly bored vortex…  Or better still, as Phil asked Melanie, “Are you are War with Silence?”…

The novelty’s wore off, it’s no longer funny and there’s no where to hide as Melanie’s voice booms around the Villa like a Claxon connected to a member of Spinal Taps Marshall Bass Amp, cranked up to Eleven+…  There seems to be absolutely no escape, to this living hell… Where can I purchase a Ball Gag and Gaffer Tape in Portugal at this time of night?

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