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Wiener Wheel – Vienna

Wiener Wheel - ViennaWiener Riesenrad – Vienna 

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An unexpected trip to the Wiener Riesenrad turned out to be a rather enjoyable day out!

The theme park is deceptively bigger than its first appearance with numerous rides and attractions for all the family.  Entry to the park is free and a ride on the Wheel cost around €9 for adults with various discounts for holding a Vienna Card.  

Upon entering the wheel, there are a number of displays that show the history of the wheel, when it burnt down, and it’s reconstruction.

The original wheel had 30 carriages, however the reconstruction only holds 15 cars (all evenly numbered), where you get a good view of Vienna, so make sure you take a camera with you! 

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View from Wiener Riesenrad

View from Riesenrad

IMG 3879


IMG 3912

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