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New … Splat Test Dummy! for MAC OSX

Splat Test Dummy

Splat Test Dummy!  – New for Mac OSX

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I’m excited to announce, our first free game available on the AppStore, we’ve been working hard on a retro style, Splat-Tastic!, fast reflex action arcade game for your Mac.  Splat Test Dummy requires  OSX Mavericks (10.9+) or above to play.  (iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch Version coming soon)…

  • Splat as many Sea Creatures that Swim onto your screen.
  • Greater Accuracy, Speed and Efficiency Increases your score.
  • Earn Bonus Multipliers.
  • Lose 25% of your score for missing.
  • Unlock 7 exclusive Bragging Rights Cards
  • Share your unique Bragging Cards on Social Media.
    • Compete with friends and show them who’s boss!
  • Game Centre Leaderboards Enabled.
  • Did I mention the game is currently Free?
  • To get you started, here’s my stats from playing earlier, think you can beat me?  Then post your cards and stats in the comments section below!

    Most of all, have fun, Good Luck, and Happy Splatting!


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