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Dallas Zoo – Part 1

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A Day at the Zoo!

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My job can take me anywhere around the world (literally), and today I find myself in Dallas – Texas, and what better way to escape the corporate cubicle dwelling Dilbert world I live in than a trip to the Zoo!  

One of my colleagues suggested a visit as it was close by and something to break up the weekend boredom… as I’ve not been to a zoo for in as long as I remember, then why not?

What I can say is, if you’ve never been, and you’re in Dallas, it’s definitely worth a visit for the low entry price, there’s lots to see, shows to view, and animals and birds to interact with, overall I found it a quite interesting, informative and entertaining place to visit, here are a few of my photo’s from the trip, I hop you enjoy them… I will post more later… so stayed tuned!  And if you want to support me, then why not visit my other web site

Dallas Zoo

IMG 4667
Merry Go Round
IMG 4558
IMG 4540
IMG 4525
IMG 4529

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