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Progress So Far … Teaser Video 2

Making great progress on my Remake of Manic Miner for the PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices. This latest video shows the Actors added to the scene and represents 36 hours of both learning the AGK BASIC Language and building the game (My First AGK App). Follow this blog if you want to learn the creative process behind creating games!

Follow Me In Recreating Manic Miner using AGKv2

Teaser Video 2

Here’s the progress so far, 36 hours of time has been spent, learning AGK BASIC and coding Manic Miner.  This video shows more progress made by adding the Actors to the Scene, there’s still much more to do to make the game playable, and I’m fitting this in what little spare time I have available.

I hope it shows you how powerful AGK Basic is and how quickly you can prototype and develop a game.

Remember, the more likes we get on our FaceBook page, the quicker the full source code will be release to the public so you can create your own 2D platform style games in AGK!

To give you an idea how easy it is to create your own levels, here’s a preview of what that looks like today (Subject to change).

;Define The Level Name
The Sixteenth Cavern

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