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Manic Miner Work In Progress – Teaser Video 1

Here’s a demo video of the progress of our remake, not bad for 18 hours of coding and that includes learning a new Programming Language and Software Development Kit!

Follow Me In Recreating Manic Miner using AGKv2

Teaser Video

This short video showcases what’s upcoming in our “How to Blog”, and the progress made so far.

You can see we’ve emulated the ZX Spectrum Loading Screen along with the Flashing Manic Miner Animated Loading Screen, in addition to implementing a Piano that plays notes.  In fact the piano is coded in a way that allows you to add multiple channels just by adding new configuration files, and then finally you will see the original 20 levels display on the screen.

I’ve not yet coded the Actors onto the screen or our Hero “Miner Willy .  I only had a couple of hours this morning to complete coding the level handler.

So in parallel I will be trying to write the game and blog at the same time.  Coming up soon, Code you can type in your self into the AGK Integrated Development Environment and you can…

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