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Marathon Day 2015

I happened to be in London today, and must be one of the few people who didn’t not realise it was the London Marathon!

After a short walk to Trafalgar Square, I was hoping to snap some of the runners, however all along the mile I was greeted with barrier upon barrier that didn’t permit spectators to gather and get a good view.  Seemed these were reserved for photojournalists.

Interestingly though were the large number of removal trucks with runners baggage all security sealed up, in fact these guys were more organised and efficient that Heathrows baggage handlers… Maybe the airports should give these guys a job:)

I did get to the Timer (2:36) just as the women runners were just crossing the line, bummer!  Maybe next time I’ll be more prepared 🙂

The atmosphere was simply amazing!

IMG 5083

IMG 5102

IMG 5107

IMG 5129

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