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Manic Miner – Reloaded and Updated

Hello, it’s been a while I know, my day job has been taking it’s toll recently which means I have less time for travel and the fun stuff!

I started working on a remake of a remake I did of Manic Miner in the late 90’s so that I could play it on Windows, MacOSX and Linux, and what should have been a two weekend project, turned into six months due to work pressures.

Why do it? I wanted to see what AGK was capable of and how difficult a language it is to learn.  In 10 Hours I’d gotten up most of the game framework with 20 levels correctly displayed.

The remake deserved a blog of it’s own and you can see the progress over at

I’m sure you’re keen to get playing, the download links are :-

Manic Miner for Windows

Manic Miner for Mac OS X (Needs 10.7 and above

Manic Miner for Linux 64 Bit (Needs sudo apt-get install libopenal1)

Download, scan with your favourite anti-virus tool, unzip and take a look at the readme.txt file for instructions.  It’s completely free, and it would be awesome if you can share and like our Facebook page!

The video shows you an earlier version the remake in development.


I’ve tried to remain faithful to the original game, and the graphics are created by Andy Noble and used with his permission.

Press F1 on the main title page (Piano) and Miner Willy will show you how to complete all 20 levels in one sitting.  Got stuck on a level and have two or more lives remaining?  Then Hit F1 and Miner Willy will show you how to complete that level.

Keys are :-

  • Q, E, T, U, O, [, Cursor Left = Left
  • W, R, Y, I, P. ], Cursor Right = Right
  • Z, X, C, V, B, N, M, Cursor Up = Jump
  • ENTER = Start or Go To Main Screen

F1 (On Piano Screen) = Show how to play Manic Miner (From the Piano Title Page)

F1 (In Game) = Lose A Life, But miner Willy Solves Current Cavern
(Useful if you get stuck on a level.)

Got stuck and want to cheat?  Yep we’ve got you covered with the three most common cheat codes that Manic Miner implemented.

Cheat Codes
Type the following in game :-

  • 6031769

Cheat Codes

  • hold 8 9 0 for extra lives

Cheat Codes

  • Hold 7 and then the numbers 1 – 6 to change level (only available when you see the boot [ Cheat Mode Activated ] )
Screen shots from the game:-

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    • Hello,

      If you download with Safari it may automatically unzip the Application, otherwise unzip it, there is one applied, on the first time of use, right click the app and select open, you will get a warning it’s from an unidentified developer, click open and you will be playing in no time. Subsequently you can double click the MM App, alternatively you can drag and drop into the Application Folder.

      Kind Regards


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