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Category: Gaming

Manic Miner V1.6b Update

July 6th 2020: Good evening, I’m happy to announce the release of V1.6b of the Manic Miner engine which includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements more of which […]

Launch of Our New Website

Hello, we’ve just launched a new website called to host our games created for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac just for you. It’s in Beta phase currently, […]

Kids and Technology

I awoke to the sound of my iPhone bleeping at me, wondering who would be calling me at 10am on a Saturday morning? To my surprise it was an iMessage […]

Manic Miner and Machine Virtualisation

Along time ago in the late 90’s I started to create a gaming framework for windows that I could re-use quickly to create games. I chose the Microsoft DirectX7 SDK […]

XBOX360 or PS3 (Part 1)?

There’s no right or wrong answer as to which console you should choose or which is the best.  How do you define best? On technical prowess, usability, price, total cost […]