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Manic Miner V1.6b Update

July 6th 2020: Good evening, I’m happy to announce the release of V1.6b of the Manic Miner engine which includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements more of which to follow!

Windows Version

macOS Version

Engine Documentation (Draft)

This version supersedes all previous versions and is recommended for downloading, the game is provided without charge. You may not distribute, or generate any revenue (whether donation or paid for).

Linux version to follow…


Older Versions

If you’re looking for earlier release versions, this is the place to find it, however these will be removed from circulation.

Windows Manic Miner V1.4

macOS Manic Miner 1.4

If you’re experiencing issues, the older version can be found here

Download Mac OSX Version 1.1a

Download Windows Version 1.1b

If you want to know more about this project, then this link will provide more information on the game

Happy Holidays!


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