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Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition Mega Pack

Today, February 12th 2021 is the day Nintendo Released their latest Nintendo Switch Mario Red and Blue Edition, and I’ve been lucky enough to receive one! Yeah it’s just a bragging rights post 🤣

Having loved the Wii, and disappointed when bitten purchasing the Wii-U I backed off the Switch as it seemed underpowered when Xbox One and PS4 were being released.

I certainly wished I had one when spending 11 weeks in hospital… I finally broke and decided to order one as I need my Mario Kart fix and well, nothing else comes close to the Mario Kart experience when it comes to fun.

Opening the lovely themed box, you’ll find three layers which include the console, dock, controllers and cables needed to connect this to your TV. It’s refreshing to see the inclusion of an HDMI Cable, so many console manufacturers cheap out these days…

There’s an included screen protector with themed carry case too!

The mega pack comes with a number of items, and worked out as very good value when purchased direct from Nintendo.

What’s in the box?

  • Red Console and Red Joy Con Controllers
  • Red Dock + HDMI + USB-C Power Adapter
  • Screen Protector
  • Blue and Red Carry Case
  • Two Blue Joy Con Grips
  • Controller Holder
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Super Mario 3D Worlds + Bowsers Fury
  • The steel book edition of 3D Worlds & Fury
  • Some Caps to stick on your Joy Con Analog Sticks (Mario, Luigi, Star and Mushroom)
  • Fury Sticker Sheet
  • Steering Wheel

Assembling was straight forward, I now have the painful wait of the controllers charging…

I’ll let you know more once I can get this up and running later today.

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