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Open Letter to CQC Prescribing…

1L Sharps Box and One Syringe…

Dear CQC Prescribing,

I have been using Trulicity Injections for best part of a year now, which as you know are oversized single use plastic injection devices.

For several months I had been requesting a larger sharps box to dispose of the used needles, and to my surprise all I received are One Litre boxes which are suitable for Lancets, Test Strips and other small sharp devices.

In context, one of these one litre plastic yellow boxes can fit Three Trulicty needles before a new box needs issuing.

Upon challenging my GP Practice, I learn that CQC Prescribing set what a practice is allowed and not allowed to prescribe, hence my request for a 3L or higher quantity box was always being rejected.

I explained that it can’t be cost effective to issue such small boxes, both in terms of waste, plastic material and disposal. For which my GP Practice agrees, however “Rules are Rules” CQC Prescribing says no. Surely there must be a sensibility check that clearly shows these boxes are unsuitable for the disposal of this medication?

Therefore, Dear CQC Prescribing, please think of the planet, your budgets and sensibly allows patients using these oversized syringes to have an appropriate sharps disposal box.

Thank You


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