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Bloomin’ Lovely

How many of you remembered to say “White Rabbits” or “Pinch, Punch, First of the Month” at the start of March?

I went to take my bins out for the week, where on my doorstep I found this lovely bunch of Daffodils with a simple message “Have a Nice Day”. The curiosity got the better of me and I took a look at my CCTV footage to see who had left these flowers. I had no idea who the young girl and her mum placing these daffodils along the homes around my neighbourhood. You have to agree, it is a lovely gesture and random act of kindness.

I spoke to my Neighbour via socially distanced “Whatsapp” to discover the little girl in question was local and felt everyone feeling the effects of lockdown and simply wanted to bring a smile to everyones face whilst maintaining anonymity.

How wonderful is that? Such a thoughtful gesture from someone so young… Maybe there’s things we can learn from them.

Question is, How do I repay the kindness without looking like a creepy old man? Just accept the gift for what it was, a cheerful reminder that spring is coming and that someone’s random selfless act brought a smile to the neighbourhood? Or equally leave a small gift of chocolate on their doorstep as a thank you?

I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re blooming lovely!


Daffodils in Bloom

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