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The Evolution of Willy

or… Size does Matter…

My love for the 1983 ZX Spectrum Classic Game of Manic Miner knows no bounds, having already created a couple of remakes for modern devices including Windows, macOS and Linux along with an iOS and Android version. You can download the desktop version for free from

I’d wanted a desk ornament for a while and thought… I have a 3D Printer, CAD Software why not? in under Ten minutes I had the prototypes drafted in, exported to STL (Standard Tessellation Language) and imported into Cura Slicer, about 20+ hours later (over a few days). I have the prints below… My thinking of the evolution of man…

Next up is Jet Set Willy, another classic Matthew Smith game that has stood the test of time and has a huge following behind it.

I may produce a limited edition print run of a complete set, if you’re interested then feel free to contact me.

Here’s the finished prototype, for the geeks out there the dimensions are:-

  • 64mm x 32mm
  • 96mm x 36mm
  • 128mm x 64mm
  • 160mm x 100mm

All 20mm in thickness so they stand on your shelf or your desk quite nicely. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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