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Beta Build 1826 of Lottery Software Now Available


The Jack Rose Edition!
Build 1826 Beta – Click To Download – Ticket Checker

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If you are looking for the older stable build (1814) You can still download the older version by clicking HERE!

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So what’s new?

  • Added support for the changes to the Lottery in October this year to increase the number of balls from 49 to 59.
  • Ticket Checker has been modified to allow entry of balls up to the new allocation.
  • Ticket Checker should report when you have a two ball win for a free Lotto Lucky Dip ticket.
  • Temporarily removed the Syndicate/Member Manager*
  • The Graph/Statistics still need updating.

*As the data formats have changed, the Member Manager is under reconstruction and will be re-introduced once the interface has been updated.


Always take a back up of your existing .TDF and .SYN files before importing them into this BETA version.  The file formats are changing and won’t be backward compatible with the stable build 1814 release.

Always check your tickets at your Lottery Retailer, the software is not guaranteed bug free, and I won’t be held responsible should the software fail to report a win or report a larger win than expected.  Treat the output as guidance only!

Please report any bugs using the form below :-

The monetary value reported in the jackpot amount is in UK Sterling and estimated, therefore please check on the official Lottery website for the € value.

The monetary value reported in the program for different matches, is estimated and obtained at the time of coding from the lottery website. (9th June)

Click to Download the Beta Software

 Thank you for your support!


Download Ballistyx


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  1. Hello,I wanted to ask if you could add a random raffle option in the next update like a game type

    1)user types 6 number for instance and then generates random raffle such as BLUE 4475 3838
    2)Prints out the reults just as it would be printed out of a retailer
    3) stores the numbers and raffle into a database and which selects a random raffle winner

    Im using a machine to select random numbers if you could try this it would be so cool thanks.

    raffles for lotto and euromillion would be amazing


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