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Email and ISP Hell…


I chose to leave my ISP last month and move to a new service that actually delivers high speed 200mbs broadband… unlike my incumbent whose promised broadband faster than 3mb for the last 4 years and consistently failed to deliver.

In the style of Austin Power you may say “Whoopdy Doo”

However leaving my incumbent supplier of 26 years turned out to be more traumatic than it should be.  I’d like to think it was more incompetence rather than petty tactics, that my email briefly ceased to work, in fact email for many days now gone astray to the great white data processing cloud in the sky and at this point its pretty much unreliable.

At first they were putting whitelisted mail in the Spam folder forcing me to logon to my ISPs web mail service (something I rarely do) to discover this when some important emails hadn’t been received (No I’m not a fan of IMAP and do prefer POP3), so who knows how much has been lost over the years before I discovered their over protective SPAM measures….

The next phase is no emails at all, and it came to ahead over the weekend when I gave the security firm I was engaged with, a hard time for not sending me quotes for a new CCTV system installation…

Of course, since I have left the service, I have very little to none negotiation or influence with my old supplier…

Losing email addresses you’ve owned since the mid 90’s is a real bind and damn frustrating… I don’t know the way forward….

Grrrr so frustrating….. Anyone else have horror stories when leaving their ISP’s? or is it simply just me that attracts these kind of issues?

Ah, you’re probably wondering why the photo accompanying today’s blog? I was trying to find a photo that best symbolised the fiery depths of hell and failed, so chose one of candles in a paper bag which I took during a wedding in Slovakia (Bratislava) a couple of years ago.


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