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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I go ?

Possibly one of the most confusing traffic signs I’ve seen in a while.  I shot this just before I was due to go on stage at a conference in Madrid to give a 40 minute talk on Security…

If you’ve watched the film “Team America” then you know that “Change is Inevitable” (in the style of South Park’s creators voice over of Kim Jong-Il)…  I know you’re playing that accent over in your mind right now aren’t you?

I often reflect on this picture when making decisions that have an impact in my life or those around me.  Choosing the right path is never easy, given there’s 50 shades of equally good and poor choices, there’s often no right or wrong path.

If only we had the natural intelligence of great foresight, hindsight would become a thing of the past.  We often have to make poor choices to understand and learn what went wrong and how we can improve our decisioning based on experience to change our lifes journey.

Red is associated with Stop, No and Danger, whereas Green is Go, Yes and Safe.  Maybe I should include Amber for procrastination, indecisive or Maybe…

Or in the words of “The Clash” :-

If I Go there will be trouble (Si me voy, va a haber peligro)
If I Stay it will be double (Si me quedo, es doble) …

Maybe it’s the start of a mid-life crisis, I’ve not yet got the hankering for an open-top hairdressers sports car to pootle around town, however I am sat reflecting on the choices I’ve made from my teenage years to present day and even started playing the what-if game, how much different my path would have been had I learned from past mistakes and changed my decisioning rather than being a trusting fool that I am.  Would I still be doing the same job? Would/Should I have been more driven? Should I have discarded the false promises and hope that organisation and people consistently failed to deliver?  Would I have chosen a different career path?

Of course I won’t know the answer, I can dream of different outcomes, the only real tangible answers are the decisions I’ve made to date, but how do I break a pattern of choices and improve on better outcomes?  Would they have been better outcomes than the decisions I’ve faced?  I don’t know, I have more questions than answers at the moment and unusually don’t have the clarity of thinking I once had.  Am I alone? Maybe I should relax with a good bottle of Single Malt or JD and mull these things over…

What mechanisms do you use to resolve difficult decisions?

Your’s confusingly….



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