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Tip Toe Through the Tulips…

I used to enjoy walking, whether it was the peak district, to get to work or a saunter around the shopping centres.  I could walk for miles and not think anything of it.  That all changed in 2007 when I felt an intense and sharp pain in my knees. An MRI later and discovered that I had no cartilage and I was walking bone on bone.

I was informed I had severe arthritis in one knee and moderate to severe in the other, and needed new knees.  However, given my age, they wouldn’t do it because I was too young.  Thus, a downwards spiral would ensue.

I began measuring activity in units of pain and what I was prepared to tolerate, and these units of pain increased over the years, such to the point that just walking one street to the post-box would be (in my head at least, the amount of pain of walking a marathon).  Some days were better than others, but I was getting frustrated as mobility decreased over time.  Some people would assume you’re just a lazy fecker… They were wrong…

Janice pushed to try and get the knee operations scheduled (I knew she was just as frustrated as I, since there were activities and places we couldn’t visit/do until the knees were sorted) she was patient, but sometimes the frustration would show.

Eventually funding was granted for knee replacements just before her cancer diagnosis, so that was on hold until she was cleared and we could return to normal.

Sadly, Janice passed away before the operation took place.

It’s coming up to nearly a year since the operation to replace my knee was performed, it’s been a struggle (understatement) but I’ve gotten there.

This week I managed to walk approximately 1.5 miles around the local park 4 days running, which is bloomin’ marvellous given this time last year I couldn’t have done it.  Yes there was some pain in my yet to be operated knee, but manageable. And worth it to say hello to the ducks, swans and other wildlife.


My physio said to keep at that distance for the time being… Which for those who know me means I’ll push harder… I managed (according to a tracker app thingy) 2.03 miles in about an hour… remember I’m still on one crutch.

I should have listened to her, my bad knee was screaming in pain by the end of it, my repaired ankle swollen to buggery… That meant a rough few nights sleep as the pain gets worse overnight.

Let’s face it, if Christopher Columbus stuck to limits, then who would have found America? I had to know what my limit was, and now I do.  (Listen to the experts)

IMG_0728 The joy of walking in the park vs the empty space where my soulmate should be.  I may have shed a tear or two as I spotted the squirrels and wildlife Janice loved so much and would talk about after her walks around the park.  I wish so much she didn’t have to go so we could share these moments together.

On my walk back something amazing happened in the sky, the photo doesn’t do it justice, as the sky clouded over, a sort of halo of rainbow appeared in the gap in the clouds.  It was simply amazing to watch the colours as they danced and moved in the sky.  Clearly an optical illusion but nonetheless a wonderful coincidence ❤️






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