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Sunshine, Scenery and Sun the perfect combination…

T’was a lovely Sunday afternoon, the sun was out in its full raging glory, the sky was blue and around 12 degrees outside.  I finally made a decision… and that was to take my crutch for a walk (it gets antsy if it doesn’t get its regular walk, borderline intolerable at times).

Wearing my fleece, I donned my headphones and set off to walk to the local park. Meandering along the regular path I take to find the lake with the Swans, Ducks, Squirrels and other wildlife that congregate together.  I assume they compare weather, flight plans, wing span, the air speed velocity of a Swallow along with the latest aviation techniques amongst themselves whilst some of the ducks are shaking their tail feathers like Shakira at a pop concert.

After walking to my favourite spot, I gingerly sat down on my regular bench (well it’s still hard getting up and down, but it is improving) to watch the world go by, and let the pain subside in my leg.  The park was the busiest I’d seen it, but for a Sunday lunchtime it was nice to see families and the elderly all coming out for fresh air and frankly quite nice surroundings. I can see why Janice loved coming here, it’s relatively peaceful, quite relaxing and something ab

Then I noticed almost everyone was glued to their phones, a family of five in particular caught my eye (Mum, Dad, three children of various ages) all staring intently at their phones, texting, messaging or playing computer games on the move.  The elderly talking to their children on the phones, children kicking the autumnal leaves as they again stare at their screens.  It’s bad enough seeing this in restaurants, in pubs etc, but come on…

Sunshine, Scenery and Sun the perfect combination for young families to enjoy a day bonding together. Other than exercise, it would have made little difference had they walked around the streets or a treadmill since no one looked up to see the beauty in the world around them.  Parents are responsible for setting an example to children, and if children see it’s acceptable to stare at screens all day how will they know any difference?  Have we become too obsessed on keeping up-to-date with on-line friends perfectly curated lives whilst masterfully creating our own narrative that we’ve forgotten to talk to people/friends/family who truly matter like the ones we are spending our time with outside? Would love to hear your thoughts/experience.



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