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DoodleBot – STEAM

Image of DoodleBot fully assembled
Doodle Bot fully assembled.

Meet DoodleBot, the new addition to my cupboard of tech! DoodleBot is a simple idea to engage children into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths), by assembling the Doodling Robot, adjusting the legs angle, height and weighting of the felt tip pens to create designs on paper using a simple motor.

The instructions could be made more kid friendly given the age range targeted is 8+ years, however the robot can be assembled in about 10-15 minutes, you’ll need a small Philips screwdriver and an AA Battery (Not Included).

There’s something satisfying about watching the little robot dance around the table and paper and it’s relatively quiet. You will need large sheets of paper for the robot to draw on. I used some 1400 Grade Lining Paper which to be fair, wasn’t smooth enough or flat enough to get the best out of this entertaining gadget.

If you’re looking for something different to Lego, as a filler gift, then this little gadget has lots of entertainment value, and teaches some basic principals , more importantly though the robot can be personalised using your imagination.

The video doesn’t really do justice to the fun had building and playing with the gadget. For added fun, you can set the motor to an off-centre position to give an extra level or instability/randomness to the doodles and drawings it can create.

If you’ve built one of these, why not show off your artwork in the comments below?


    • I have to admit it was fun assembling and playing around with the patterns it could generate, but you need patience and plenty of floor space! How are you? Not heard from you in a long time? Hows Duke?


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