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Ouchy McOuch Face

Pirate Teeth

Since the start of lockdown, I’ve had a raging toothache, having been unlucky enough to have a tooth fail just as lockdown was announced.

I call the dentist, and they explain (based on Government guidelines) they are unable to see patients unless it’s an abscess that requires antibiotics.

The so called “Dental Hubs” don’t really exist as I found out… I called the dentist again today as I hear they are opening from the 8th June. I explain the situation, the pain, and that a filling in another tooth has failed. Apparently neither are classed as an emergency (unless there is swelling and blood – Abscess) and advise to pop pills like a powered up PacMan, plus if I’m up to it, nip to Boots for a temporary filling repair kit.

I guess I can add Dentistry to my growing list of skills then…🤦🏻‍♂️

You can’t make this stuff up… I’m renaming myself as Ouchy McOuch Face 😱🤣🤪

No wonder the news has reports of people pulling their own teeth out of frustration.

Now where did I put my Pliers?

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