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Fast Car

Having spent time with friends after lockdown this week, we reminisced about the good old days (The 90’s) where we regularly jammed at Dirty Dicks Bar. Which was a converted cellar by a mutual late friend and artist (John Lockett). Every other Tuesday a group of us would gather, Jam, swap techniques, stories, learn new stuff and generally have a good time, different musicians would drop in from time to time there was never a dull moment.

Since those days, a life of corporate servitude took over and I rarely picked the guitar up since 2000. It’s very rare I do as I become frustrated the muscle memory faded and the chords to songs are lost somewhere in the old noodle. I need to get the metronome out and practice my timing too…

That said, during my part recovery last year, and, for a bit of fun… I picked the guitar up, determined to learn something again and play.

Here it is, what I recorded late last year!

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