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Neighbourly Smile

I thought I’d share this…

Sometime after the start of lockdown the roads became a quieter place and people were seldom seen. I was surprised when I heard a knock on the door… on answering no one was there, except a seedling and a note on my door step.

The note was from a Neighbour who lives about half a mile down on the same road, they had gifted everyone a sunflower plant to try and bring a smile to the neighbourhood during what for some has been a stressful time.

The seedling was planted and grew rather quickly, it’s still growing, but here’s what it looks like today.

To say thank you to the neighbours (who I have no idea who they are) I’ve sent a postcard with a photo and hopefully start a trend with other neighbours that received the same gift to.

It’s a reminder that even during unusual times, there are some amazing people out there, that do selfless acts to bring a smile on strangers faces.

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