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Sorting Room Party Time

Photo by Ethan Wilkinson on

Unusually I left the house to go to the post office. I’ve been eBaying my retro computer gear to help fund my Raspberry Pi habit Hobby.

I was stood in a socially distanced line waiting my turn, when the gentleman in front of me, whom I estimate to be around the mid to late 20s was holding one of those decorative gift bags for a bottle.

When it was his turn, he mumbled something and proffered the bottle bag to the Post Master. I thought, what a lovely gesture…

No, it turns out he was trying to send it somewhere, and he looked genuinely shocked when the postmaster explained for the third time that he needed to put an address on the gift bag so the postie knows where to deliver it. The young gent (clearly frustrated) also explained for the third time that he told the postmaster the address and couldn’t see the problem since they now both know where it’s going, why was the postmaster making it so difficult?

The chap was clearly articulate, didn’t appear to be unintelligent, but had an expectation that it’s a post-office, he wants to post something, what must they do all day?

Long story short… Rather than return to his car, to save face?!? he purchased a box of 175 labels to write the address on one.

Well that’s half the problem I thought, I don’t think that bottles going to survive its journey with the one piece of flimsy tape holding the top together, and clearly no padding or protection. I can only imagine it must be Party Time at the sorting office this evening 🤣

I didn’t hang around for part two, it did make me chuckle somewhat.


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