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Silverstone – Lap Land Experience

I’m sorry to interrupt this post with the following, I am trying to raise much needed funds for the local hospice that looked after my late wife. They were amazing, treating her as a person throughout the palliative stages of cancer.

If you can spare the price of a stamp or a coffee, we would be very grateful.

We’re not talking about a trip to Peppermint Hippo’s, we are talking about the new Lap Land experience Silverstone have created for a family COVID safe experience.

You can’t imagine the excitement and perma-ear grinning I had when a friend obtained tickets to the Lap Land Experience at Silverstone which is running until 3rd January 2021. This for me was an opportunity to drive around the hallowed F1 track for whom many a racing legend have graced over the decades.

The Event costs a reasonable £35 a car (See: , which if you’re a large family, works out to be a cheap event, plus you have the option of watching “The Snowman” at the drive-in cinema after completing the circuit.

The event is an absolute credit to Silverstones organisers and events team, the event was well signposted, the staff greeting you were very friendly and helpful, there was a safety briefing before joining the safety car for your lap.

Like many, it’s possible I may have achieved a standing start from the grid, which is exciting on its own… However, through sheer dumb luck, our car was in Pole Position behind the safety car and we were the lead car for the group. The safety briefing was clear, concise and delivered well, communication was exceptional.

The Experience

Wow… The light show was amazing (Not quite Pink Floyd light show ready), but a lot of effort had gone into the light show around the track, from lasers, sensory walls, light panels and big LED screens. Live snowglobes were dotted around the track with actors inside, depicting various Christmas Themes, the atmosphere with other drives was electric, all cheered on by Silverstone Radio and their live DJs out on the track talking to people joining the fun.

Silverstone radio was playing on a set FM Frequency, and if you’re staying for the drive in movie, you’re directed to one of the open screens, being given a radio station to tune into for sound (additional kit is available for purchase should your car not support FM).

The whole event was Covid safe, since the only time you leave your car is for the WC before entering the track, or for coffee, food and popcorn etc that can be purchased for consumption before you hit the start line.

If you’re looking for something fun, different and to feel a level of normality after these uncertain times, then book yourself a ticket, I know I didn’t regret it!

Thank you Silverstone and I hop you continue this tradition year on year!

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