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Where’s Lou?

Hello, the following is a true story which started life as a simple man mistake, I’d left the empty loo roll on top of the toilet of my bubble support friends home. Something I’ve done all my life out of habit, am I alone? Little did I know the fury it would unleash…

Over the next few weeks, I would find the empty roll in various (and unexpected) places in my home, and so each time the ante would increase, until one day, the game stopped. I had to let them think they’d won and I’d learn my lesson πŸ˜…

However, some of you know I recently acquired a 3D Printer, which can only mean it was a simply a matter of time and planning my next move…

Only snag was waiting for the perfect opportunity… Now my friend has an amazing and lovely Christmas tree which is decorated in glass baubles (absolutely no plastic allowed) to be fair it looks timeless and very classy.

Ha! I thought to my self, and put the printer to good use, sourcing a pair of Angel wings from Thingiverse by Steveo. I sliced and printed the wings in Silk Purple PLA, put holes in the empty loo roll, drew a face, covered in Glue and Glitter and then had to wait my moment. I did give my friend plenty of warnings something wasn’t right with the tree.

Only, I nearly got caught putting the tacky ornament on the tree before the Christmas holidays. I’ve been chuckling to myself since, and today was the day of reveal as the tree was being dismantled. It was hard, akin to that episode of Big Bang where Leonard finally confesses to not taking a video back and having to wear that itchy jumper. My friends reaction was priceless πŸ€£πŸ˜‡πŸ€£ I guess that can only mean the game has been well and truly won 😜

Happy New Year

One and All xxx

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