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Twenty Four Point Eight

Since almost losing my life to Sepsis last year, one of the numerous side affects of the multiple surgeries and procedures I’ve undertaken (and there’s been plenty) has been the continued and repeat infections along with other side effects. Post Sepsis Syndrome is not well known outside those of us who suffer it, and has been much thought to be similar to the effects of long Covid, yet this is being researched more than PSS.

There’s been a suggestion of continued use of prophylactic antibiotics, although helps reduce the infection markers in my blood, this approach has some pretty unpleasant side effects, including increased fatigue. Other factors and blood abnormalities still haven’t been resolved.

My latest course of antibiotics completed and predictably within a couple of weeks, by blood glucose started going out of kilter, rising slowly at first, refusing to drop back into single figures.

Then (as had happened earlier in the year), the spike started to rise significantly and within a couple of hours was going out of control from 19 up to 28.x.

My record has been a glucose level of 28.5 before passing out in A&E last year and going in to Hyperglycaemic shock.

An ambulance arrived and took me to my second home (The all inclusive, 24×7 bed side service hospital) where they undertook the usual COVID precautions.

Being my first COVID-19 test, the nurse tested my gag reflexes (and not in the nice way) on the cotton swab before shoving the same swab up my nose 🤢, I’m sure she was trying to get to my throat again… I certainly wasn’t expecting her to use the same swab for multiple orifices 😲

Long Story Short, they ummed and arred, did some blood work, gave me a shot of fast acting insulin and sent me packing (without checking my blood glucose levels) saying it’s the GPs problem now…

This was a stark contrast to Pre-covid, where I was admitted for a week, IV Antibiotics and tested beyond soreness. It’s clear the NHS is struggling with capacity, with COVID patients, with infection controls, and are making the best of a bad situation, even though they’re tired, stressed and had little rest since this kicked off. I’m guessing it’s a riskier approach keeping someone in for infection control reasons.

I’m at a loss, back at square one and on another set of Antibiotics, I seriously can not live off these permanently, so awaiting further testing, prodding and poking. It’s all frustrating…

Oh well, normal service will be resumed, just wish my blood sugars would stabilise and I can get back to normal.

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