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Argon Fan Hat – GPIO Pins Used

Since discovering these Argon40 HAT’s (Hardware Attached on Top), I’ve been impressed, when used in conjunction with the Aluminium Armour HeatSink Case ( temperature has consistently dropped between 10-20℃ when under load. Additionally the HAT is scriptable so you can determine when active cooling kicks in.

That said, there was little documentation I could find on the pins used by this cooler, and after a brief exchange with Argon Support (Who were very supportive), I received the following information Francis at Argon Forty, who also confirms the same PINs are used for the Argon One Case etc.

7Shut Down Monitor (Monitor Cut if No Signal)
11Power Button
22IR Transmit
23IR Receive
27/28 (i2c)FAN Control via i2C

For a list of i2c codes, check out the official GitHub Repository here:

Though if you want to check out the fan control for yourself using the command line, use i2cset or smbus in Python.

In testing, I found the following are some useable values for the fan control, which doesn’t tie in with the documentation of 0x00 – 0x64 (0-100% Power). When time permits I may take a look and see what’s happening.

' Stop the Fan
i2cset -y 1 0x1a 0x001

' Fan 50% Power
i2cset -y 1 0x1a 0x32

' Fan 75% Power
i2cset -y 1 0x1a 0x33

' Fan Full Power
i2cset -y 1 0x1a 0x64

If you’re interested in reviewing the Daemon script, it’s located here: /usr/bin/

And if like me you’ve mislaid your original instruction manual, the install instructions are :-

curl | bash

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  1. Just the information I was looking for! thank you very much for the post! What I want to do is to add another GPIO pin for an external button for the same functions. I’ll give it a try and let you know.


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