Manic Miner and Machine Virtualisation

Along time ago in the late 90’s I started to create a gaming framework for windows that I could re-use quickly to create games. I chose the Microsoft DirectX7 SDK […]

You Frame Self Assembly Canvas

Having spent several weeks in Australia, and taking a large number of great photographs, I thought they deserved better treatment than printing in 5 x 7 format on my home […]

The 7kg Conundrum

It doesn’t happen often, but everyone knows that the maximum handheld/carry-on luggage allowance on most flights is 7kg. It’s also quite very uncommon that anyone bothers to weigh your hand […]

Singapore Sling

I’m currently sat at “The Long Bar” in Raffles (the original home and birthplace of the Singapore Sling) looking back at my journey so far. The two drinks in the […]

We Don’t Want Your Money Sir…

Funny things recessions, it’s surprisingly harder to spend your money these days… We’d booked a recent trip to the land down under, turned up at the airport with plenty of […]