Reversion Therapy…

It’s inevitable, once in the corporate space you can’t avoid the lingo that goes with it. What I really object to is the English language being used incorrectly in corporate […]

Bring Back the Bowler Hat

When starting out in IT over 20 years ago, companies had a strict dress code. Gents wore shirts and ties, smart business trousers, and then depending on your rank and […]

Challenge and Response

As we are becoming more aware of the importance of data privacy, it strikes me as odd that organisations are not doing as much as they should to help protect […]

XBOX360 or PS3 (Part 1)?

There’s no right or wrong answer as to which console you should choose or which is the best.  How do you define best? On technical prowess, usability, price, total cost […]

A Needy Nation?

It seems that everyday you can not escape the request for feedback.  Whether this is presented in the form of an employee satisfaction survey, or the desire for a merchant/retailer/child/next […]

Airport Chaos!

The day started like any other, a note was pushed through the door of the hotel room which advised that our car would pick us up earlier than planned. Nothing […]