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Good Night Jade, You Are One of Life’s Angels.


I was shocked and sad to learn late Saturday evening my friend and fellow widow passed away on Friday whilst out for a walk.  My thoughts are with her Mum (Debbie), Dad(Bill), Sister(Naomi) and Nephew(Mason) at what will be an extremely difficult time for all.

Jade was an awesome person, she’d gone through such a traumatic experience of losing her fiancé to an aggressive cancer whilst caring for him throughout his illness where lesser people may have just buried their heads in the sand.  Jade was a fighter, caring compassionate and great sense of humour. Jade was heartbroken and masked her grieving among the non-widow community.  She was also one of life’s beautiful souls, both inside and out with a great future ahead of her.

I will miss our conversations, meet ups and banter, though I’ve known you for a relatively short period of time and under awful circumstances.  I know you made a difference to everyone you met and had the ability to make people smile through their grey days.  Always looking out for others, caring, compassionate and genuine.

People always underestimate dealing 24×7 when the person you love the most are suffering from cancer.  It’s not like Hollywood or the TV programs, it’s an extremely cruel disease and yet Jade had strength to push through this. Jade started to blog her experience here but found writing a difficult experience.

Another Angel taken far too soon, Good Night Jade, I hope you find your peace with Colin.  RIP xxx

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