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Breaking Diabetes


Breaking in a new Diabetes Nurse this morning, it’s bad enough getting out of my pit at this unholy hour to be there before 8am (when I should be Z’ing away).

In a Jack Bauer voice over styles…

The following took place between 8am and 9am…

Nurse: I’ve been reviewing your file, what do you think has been contributing to your blood glucose level results?

Me: Well apart from the two lots of surgery, pretty much been housebound for nearly 8 months with significantly reduced mobility, suffering stress and anxiety issues… Probably not?

Nurse: Stress and Anxiety? It’s called life get used to it.

Me: Well that’s ok then I feel loads better already. 😁

Nurse: Before you go, do you suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Me: Coughs, Splutters, wasn’t expecting that… You have reviewed my file?

Nurse: Yes, Yes, we can offer you Viagra you know…

Me: 😳 Why would I need Viagra? It’s not like there’s a purpose now? Maybe hang my xbox controller off it between games?

Nurse: Well that’s a discussion between you and your wife…


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