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Install Games/Roms to your Retropie build.

Welcome back to the second part of the GPi RetroPie Project, and in this article, I’m going to cover off how easy it is to add games to a Retropie. These instructions should work for all Retropie installations and I’ve provided two videos, one for Windows Users, the other for macOS users.

In the demonstration, I’m going to use the Oliver Twins amazing “Wonderland Dizzy” a game they have donated for free as part of unreleased software they created over 20 years ago for the NES.

Of course, you can install more roms, however to keep things legal, we’re using a free rom.

If you are using windows, you will need WinSCP software ( and this is also available from the Microsoft App Store where it costs around $10, and helps support the developer of this time tested tool.

Download your roms to a folder, or go to and download the free game.

You will need to find the IP address of the Retropie you wish to connect to, please see yesterday’s tutorial and video showing how to do this.

Follow the following videos, once you have transferred your favourite roms, simply reboot your Retropie device and the new games and consoles will appear in Emulation Stations menus.

Windows Users

macOS Users


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