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Common Scams – The FB “Live” Competition

There’s an old saying, if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

If you find you’ve been scammed or attempted to be scammed, what can you do?

For emails and phishing attempts you can forward these to ( which is run by the National Cyber Security Centre, more information available here:

If you have been a victim of cyber crime please see the relevant information here for information on how to report it:

Other Countries Search for Report Cyber Crime

At the weekend, the following popped up on my feed, allegedly Robbie Williams was giving the first 200 “Correct” answers £5,000 in a great giveaway…

Sound too good to be true right? Sadly these fraudsters and scammers rely on you believing your favourite celebrity is giving away cash for the fun of it, and many a trusting soul out there that want to believe.

This particular scam was either a look-a-like or copy of a previous live feed from the Robster being played into FB Live to give the illusion he was interacting with the audience. Listening to the audio suggested Robbie was talking to the audience, though none of his commentary matched the live feed comments (Big Clue). This is designed to snare you in to the scam and assume you’re not paying attention. For the scam to start all you need do is answer a simple question, and then you’re set…

Using a Sandboxed Device, I played along and provided an answer, lo and behold… I’m a winner and lovely Robbie is going to send me any amount of cash I want (no longer the £5K Promised)…

The catch is that you have to share the live broadcast to ten groups… (don’t do it!)

This is just little more Spamming and casting a wider net for the fraud to reach a bigger audience. For the sake of this exercise I didn’t share, but confirmed I had…

When in doubt, check the basics first.

Robbie Williams is spelt incorrectly, the text describing his personal blog is written in Indonesian saying that he responds to comments on his page. I’m pretty sure Robbie would use English…

Further digging into his profile, suggests that only Eight people like the Robster? How can that be? He’s Uber Famous…

Anyhoo… I carry on and confirm I’ve shared the post to Ten groups (I haven’t)…

A final?!? Step… I need to register my details on a ropey website, for this I used a sandboxed Virtual Environment to see what nefarious code awaits on the other side…

You really don’t want to be clicking these links, and here I have intentionally stopped sharing my findings as this would be useful information to other scammers.

Essentially the fraudsters are trying to phish for as many of your personal details you’re prepared to share, including name, date of birth, credit card and banking details etc.

You would find your funds being depleted very quickly or much worse.

I did use my mad cyber security skills to trace the fraudsters as far as I reasonably could and all server and relevant information has been passed on to the local authorities.

Be safe out there, it’s a wild west!


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