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Category: Travel


Sweet Home Alabama!

Photo taken whilst travelling off the beaten path in the Dominican Republic, I stumbled upon this outhouse, it was a very pungent odour, as it was used for curing latex.

Train Track In Portugal

Whilst travelling in Portugal, I found this rather open track.  Having checked there were no trains scheduled, before getting this shot, visibility was very good, and I had a lookout […]

Working Hard….

Working Hard… For those of you that follow my blog, know that I develop games and apps in what remaining spare time I have available.  So here I am on […]

A trip to Loulé… Is that Cake?

Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Year to be a Diabetic!                  I’d decided to go for drive around Portugal (mainly to escape the other Big […]

Wednesday: Johnny Hoopers Saxophone Bar

Johnny Hooper’s Saxophone Bistro                  Having navigated the Portugese roads to find Johnny Hooper’s Famous Saxophone Bistro and Bar, we discovered the restaurant closed on Wednesdays, […]

Amusing Shop Names Found in Albufeira…

Fannie’s Accessories Store in Albufeira. G’Spot Hairdressing Salon.                  Found these two shops whilst foraging for food in Monte Choro at the Continente Modelo Supermarket… I […]

Day 3: In the Big Brother House…

The sun is shining, but why am I hiding indoors? Day 3: In the Big Brother House: Mike, Phil, Jemima and Kate are relaxing by the pool. Terry’s applying for […]