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Category: Travel


Anyone for Skiing?

Anyone for Skiing?                Follow me on Social Media One of my followers thought this photo in my previous posting was a picture of a bird wearing […]

Dallas Zoo – Part 1

A Day at the Zoo!                Follow me on Social Media My job can take me anywhere around the world (literally), and today I find myself […]

Wiener Wheel – Vienna

Wiener Riesenrad – Vienna                   An unexpected trip to the Wiener Riesenrad turned out to be a rather enjoyable day out! The theme park is deceptively […]

Domed Ceiling

View of Ceiling at Vienna Palace                    

Man At Work

Man At Work – Bratislava – Slovakia                   

The Flying Saucer – Bratislava

The Flying Saucer – Bratislava – Slovakia.                  This photo was taken by hand from the ground, about 1000ft away using my trusting Nikon and an […]


This was shot with my old Nikon D80 with a 50mm f1.4 Nikon Prime lens, ISO 2000 with a 1/1250sec shutter speed at f3.5.  In retrospect, I should have halved the […]

Doctor, Doctor, Tell me the News!

Another shot from Samaná, this time on the mainland looking out to the harbour, I passed a Doctor’s surgery, there’s not much texture to the photograph, so I’ve applied an Albumen […]