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Nova Load Speed Loader

NOVALOAD – Commodore Speed Load and Protection System Hacked.

NOVALOAD Turbo Load and Protection system was ubiquitous on Commodore machines back in the day. I take a look back at how I hacked the protection system when I was around 13 years old, though today using modern day tools. Revisiting my past exploits and sharing information with the greater audience. If you're a fan of the C16 and Mr Puniverse then take a look and follow me!

Pharos/Microsoft GPS on Raspberry Pi

The Linux community do more for Digital preservation than big corporations and original equipment manufacturers. They keep obsolete hardware a purpose in life once again, and today's article is my experience of connecting a legacy Microsoft GPS Receiver to the Pi and how to do it.

GreaseWeazle 0.24 Update

With the latest update to GreaseWeazle 0.24 comes with a raft of changes and new command line syntax. This article will go through the technical changes and point you to an updated bash script to take advantage of the latest firmware.

3D Printer – X,Y and Z Axis Calibration

To get the best prints, especially if you're creating prototypes from CAD designs, calibrating your printers X, Y and Z axis is key. I'll show you how to calculate the steps needed to adjust in your printer.

Headless Raspberry Pi Desktop Installation

This article explains how to install and configure a Raspberry Pi with Debian OS without the need to plug your Pi into an external Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor. As an optional extra, I'll show you how to enable VNC if you want to remotely connect to the Pi desktop.

Upgrading your Pi-Hole

In today's article, I'll show you the simple steps needed to update and upgrade your PiHole installation.